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Services booklet

It contains a short presentation of services ofered by our company: primary and financial accounting, consultancy, financial and budget auditing, assessments, etc.



Sibiu +40 269 231 696

Cluj-Napoca +40 723 347 627

Rm. Vâlcea +40 723 347 627


Primary and management accounting

  • advice and assistance for issuing, receiving, archiving documents and organizing primary accounting
  • actual keeping of primary accounting by registering commercial operations by drawing up accounting note
  • performing periodical book inventory and ascertaining the positive and negative differences

Financial accounting

  • practical keeping of financial accounting based on data resulting from management accounting, execution of monthly and periodical accounting closures
  • drawing up of financial reports according to the needs and demands of each client depending on type of business, respecting the fiscal legislation in force
  • drawing up of fiscal reports according to international standards GAAP, IAS (CASH FLOW, BALANCE SHEET, INCOME STATEMENT)
  • drawing of balance sheets, of all statements related to the deployment of the activity regarding taxes and contributions, annual fiscal sheets
  • elaboration of income and expense budgets and of all necessary documentation in relation to different financial institutions (banks, stock exchanges, etc.)
  • periodical analysis of gains and expenses related to those budgets, other activities
  • business reviews based on company’s periodical financial status and progress of its activity

Notary and Lawyer Office accounting

  • periodical elaborating and updating tax and contribution levels for freelance businesses
  • elaborating and filing relevant statements to public institutions

Financial Audit

  • indicator and profitability calculus

Budgetary audit

  • for public institutions that require external audit reports, including audit on SAPARD financing projects for gas, water and sewage

Fixed asset assessments

Mobile asset assessments

Feasibility studies and business plans

Financial and economic consultancy

  • Assistance with establishing a company in Romania
  • Optimization of company tax burden
  • Assistance with organizing the company’s financial accounting activity
  • Balance drawing up and certification
  • Analysis of financial flow and cash flow situation
  • Analysis of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Advice for carrying out spin-off, merger and dissolution operations
  • Assistance with avoiding double taxation of income

Budgetary consultancy

  • Budget accounting consultancy – balance sheet certification for budgetary units

Forensic accounting

  • ordered by different public authorities or requested by natural persons

Filing financial positions to public authorities

Fiscal control assistance

VAT return

Censor reports

Staff management and records of employment maintaining

  • Staff management (salary) and related records of employment maintaining
  • Liaison with the Department of Labor
  • Assistance with the Department of Labor control